About Sum Genius

In researches carried out between 1999/2003 on adult numeracy in the UK and some other western countries, it was evident from the statistics gathered, that there was room for concern, about a numeracy skills deficit.

The concern was stronger in the fields of education of students, as non-literacy and numeracy skills limit individuals’ life chances while also affecting negatively on national productivity.

In Australia, the decline in literacy and numeracy skills amongst students was concerning for the Government and Educational bodies around the country.

The FONCECA family in Perth, Western Australia saw the need for some type of math games to help develop numeracy skills in a fun way.

In 2001, the family-owned company, Family Entertainment (Australia) Pty Ltd, designed, and produced a math puzzle game under the brand name of “Sum Genius.”

The number puzzle with a unique design of the board and the playing tiles with numbers on both sides went into full production in 2017. Individuals, families, schools, and residents in retirement homes welcomed it.

With the success of the math puzzle game, the company followed up this invention with the creation of two Apps involving number puzzle, one for Desktop use and the other for use in mobile handheld devices.

  • Sum Genius Board Game/Puzzle: An educational hands-on puzzle for all ages, Sum Genius challenges players to correctly complete all 7 equations using numbers on both sides of the tiles.
  • Add Sum Genius for Mobile Devices: Designed for use in mobile devices, Add Sum Genius helps players develop numeracy skills and improve cognitive and social skills of hand-eye coordination.
  • Flip Sums for Web Browser: Sum Genius on your web browser challenges you to flip, swap and move the numbered tiles around to correctly complete maths equations from Levels 1 to 35.