core features
An education puzzle that helps develop numeracy skills.

This version of the number puzzle game Flip Sums can be played on your Web Browser. The maths game has levels that range from 1 to 35. Level 1 involves a simple equation involving 3 tiles with numbers on both sides. Using the flip button, a player can view the numbers on the other side of the tiles and choose and drag down into the equation the relevant numbers to correctly complete the task. The level of difficulty increases at each level and gives the player that extra challenge at each step to correctly complete the equations as quickly as possible. Points are awarded depending upon the speed taken to correctly complete the equations in this maths game. Players are given 5 Free Games to know and get use to the idea of the maths game before purchasing and having access to all 35 levels. The top ten scores are listed in the Leaderboard..

"Flip Sums" challenges you to complete equations with numbered tiles on each level of play. Free games can be played in Levels 1 to 5.
The tiles have numbers on both sides and can be flipped over in order to drag down the desired number into the equation.
The tiles can be moved back should you wish to use another number to correctly complete the equation.
There are 35 levels of equations ranging from a simple equation consisting of 3 numbers to the more complex.
All the tiles displayed in the Screens need to be used in order to fully complete the Level of gameplay you are on the website.
Points are awarded to the game player depending upon the time taken to complete each level of game he or she is playing.